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Avondale Pest Control -- Family-Owned and Operated Since 1957
My grandfather started this company almost fifty years ago. He loved his job, and was proud of the small business that he had built. He knew his customers were the key to his success, and treated each one as a family member.

Nothing pleased him more than when a customer knew his name AND his face. So he decided to keep the business small enough so that he could personally help protect each of his customers from infestations and pest problems. By keeping his business small and efficient, he could spend more time helping customers and less time staring at a mound of paperwork.

One simple yet extremely effective goal guided every business decision he made --
the customer is the key, so show each customer how much you appreciate his or her business by always doing a great job.

I have been running Avondale Pest Control since 1994, and I'm proud to say that I continue to apply my grandfather's wise words to the family business. By remaining a small, focused company, I can personally deliver the results that my customers deserve. Just the way my grandfather and father did. And THAT makes me proud.

Let me know if you need an honest assessment of your pest control needs -- I'd be glad to help.

Mark Medlin, owner/operator of Avondale Pest Control
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